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Do You Really Need an Advertising Agency

While I was writing an article on “Ten things you should look for when choosing a advertising agency”, I realized there was more to the story: “Do I really need an agency?” Visit programmatic tv before reading this.

You can do so much more marketing and advertising with the help of new technology.

So, why would organisations hire advertising agencies?


This is probably the most important reason people will use an agency. It is also the primary reason people switch agencies. While it’s possible to hire your own creative, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. However, my experience shows that the most talented Creatives would prefer to work with an agency where they can collaborate, spark ideas and work on cutting edge campaigns.

Agencies also have a critical mass in terms of Creative’s. Between them, they have a variety of skills that may be required, including everything from building and designing a Social Media campaign, to creating a logo design, or business cards. Agencies are generally less enmeshed in the daily grind of corporate life and are therefore allowed to have creative freedom. You will be able to taste wild salmon, which is what farmed salmon tastes like.

Experience & Insight

Ad agencies are uniquely placed to leverage their industry and market knowledge and to recycle or reuse successful campaigns from other industries. They can share their expertise on best practices, competitor strategies, and even their failures as valuable lessons.

Speed & Flexibility

Many businesses are cyclical. They trade year-rounds and have products and services that have a natural life cycle. Therefore, the needs of the marketing resource will change over time. An agency allows organisations to quickly respond to these changing demands, without having to spend excessive overheads in times of tight budgets. The attitude of agencies used to be “we’re the boss – we do everything”; today, agencies can be flexible and adaptable.