Ahigo Home Inspiration

Bathroom , Bathroom Hand Held Shower Heads : hand held shower heads slide bar

Bathroom Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held shower heads are more durable and can last longer for the bathrooms. The line that connects the hand-held version to the rest of the shower can also be damaged if pulled or…

Bedroom , Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas : modern gothic bedroom design

Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

For those who want to create a different, mysterious bedroom, then try Gothic bedroom design. Gothic bedroom design is a popular one for many teens and adults. Whether you want a touch of the Gothic…

Kitchen , House Kitchen Islands With Seating : kitchen islands with seating for two

House Kitchen Islands With Seating

Kitchen islands add to the extra work space in the kitchen. Kitchen islands has many advantages, especially kitchen islands with seating. Kitchen island with seating serve the purpose of providing a suitable seating arrangement, right…

Home Designs And Decor , Decorative Table Skirting : golden table skirting

Decorative Table Skirting

In Victorian times, tables and even pianos had draped fabric covers; it was thought socially unacceptable to reveal their legs. Today, a table skirting conveys a sense of gracious elegance rather than misplaced prudery. A…

Home Designs And Decor , Tropical House Interior Colour Schemes : yellow living room tropical house interior colour schemes

Tropical House Interior Colour Schemes

When your heart is set on a home that looks like a Caribbean sunset, play with the tropical house interior colour schemes. There are several tropical interior colour schemes. One example is orange colour….

Furniture , Natural Wooden Bed Frame : platform wooden bed frame

Natural Wooden Bed Frame

When it comes to beds, frames are a huge factor to be considered. While that usually seems like a rather simple choice, the truth is that there are numerous bed frames to choose from….

Garden And Lawn , Outdoor Small Garden Design : small garden design with pathway

Outdoor Small Garden Design

Small garden design is important to think about ahead of time. Modern homes can incorporate a small garden design in their living spaces for a refreshing element. Your small garden can also double as an…

Dining Room , Nice Small Dining Room Design : small dining room design with black table and mirror and flower vases

Nice Small Dining Room Design

One thing you might want to do is be sure to decide on a small dining room design that makes the most out of spaces.  And also, a small dining room appears larger when…

Bathroom , Regal Purple Bathroom : purple bathroom with white fixtures

Regal Purple Bathroom

Whether you are looking for a few quick updates, a new project or an entire redesign, redoing your bathroom into purple bathroom can help you create a relaxing haven to enjoy after a long…

Garden And Lawn , Charm English Garden Design : english garden design with wooden furniture

Charm English Garden Design

Garden design ideas are many. But if you want to create a charm garden, then choose English garden design. An English garden design is simply a garden that is designed to look like it is…