Ahigo Home Inspiration

Landscaping And Outdoor Building , Natural Bamboo Pergola : small bamboo pergola outdoor

Natural Bamboo Pergola

Natural bamboo pergola is a great addition for your outdoor. A bamboo pergola defines garden passageways and provides a focal point for your yard. Bamboo pergola is also ideal to build an environment friendly pergola. The…

Garden And Lawn , Garden With Pea Gravel : pea gravel with boxwood hedges

Garden With Pea Gravel

Rock gardens are easy, low-maintenance ways to landscape a yard. The rocks naturally keep weeds at bay and conserve moisture, and you can add a few easy-to-grow plants for a clean, organized look. One…

Bathroom , Decorative Glass Vessel Sinks For Bathrooms : frosted oval glass vessel sinks

Decorative Glass Vessel Sinks For Bathrooms

Glass vessel sinks are the hot item for today’s modern new home or bathroom remodel.  Glass vessel sinks come in many colors and shapes. The material is made interesting by manufacturers by creating them…

Bathroom , Luxury Jacuzzi Bathtubs : oval jacuzzi bathtubs

Luxury Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi bathtubs provide numerous benefits for those who take the time to soak themselves in it. Jacuzzi bathtubs are relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Jacuzzi bathtubs come with great accessories that are accessible and…

Living Room , Interior Condo Living Room Design : condo living room design with earthy brown wall color and fireplace and wall decor

Interior Condo Living Room Design

Condo living is a wonderful option for those who either don’t have the money to invest in a larger home, or for those who are single or don’t necessarily need the extra space of…

Kitchen , Great Small Kitchen Designs : small kitchen designs with white cabinets

Great Small Kitchen Designs

Perhaps, one of the places in the house that people want to be most comfortable with, is the kitchen. It is certainly not surprising because the kitchen basically binds the whole family together. Many homes…

Bedroom , Japanese Bedroom Style : japanese bedroom with bamboo wall decals and wall art

Japanese Bedroom Style

A Japanese bedroom can be a tranquil place to contemplate and sleep. Japanese style is minimalist so it’s an inexpensive way to furnish a room. In designing a Japanese bedroom, one has to consider the…

Kitchen , Contemporary Kitchen Design : contemporary kitchen with hanging multiple bulbs and chandeliers and double islands

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen design style suits those who enjoy clear, clean and open interiors, those for whom comfort means a room that makes them feel soothed and serene. If contemporary style were to have any…

Home Designs And Decor , Bohemian House Interiors : bohemian living room bohemian house interiors

Bohemian House Interiors

Bohemian house interiors are often hallmarked by its use of rich colors, ethnic styles and diverse patterns. This sometimes makes it a design choice for homeowners who desire an individualized decor for their homes….

Living Room , Natural Bamboo Flooring Living Room : bamboo flooring living room with black seating

Natural Bamboo Flooring Living Room

Bamboo flooring, widely in use from ancient times, is now making a dramatic comeback around the world. Bamboo flooring is perfect for living room in a house. Bamboo flooring living room can make your…