Carpet Cleaning Alternatives

The article below will cover the various methods available for cleaning carpets. These range from doing it yourself to using a professional Today’s consumer has a variety of options available when cleaning their carpet. It is the purpose of this post to give an overview about what you can choose from. The next few posts will provide more information on the various options available to you.

To begin with, there is the “do-it-yourself” approach. All of us have seen carpet cleaning displays at our local supermarkets. With your groceries, you can easily pick up both a machine for rent and carpet shampoo. Right? Wrong, wrong, wrong!! Only the rental store will benefit from these machines. Smart businessmen, retailers are always looking at the bottom-line. You might ask yourself, “Who is most likely to shop for family groceries?” That’s right. Women do.

Renting machines must be light enough for a woman to easily transport it to her vehicle. The power of the machines has been significantly reduced in order to minimize the weight. This results in a carpet cleaner that is at best mediocre. Because the lightweight motors lack the capability to raise water, it is very hard to remove water-laden soils from carpets. It may take days or hours for your carpet to become dry. It may take hours or even days for the carpet to dry again. Renting a DIY machine is not advisable at supermarkets. Instead, go to places that rent machines with greater water lifting abilities. Renting from equipment stores or major box retailers like Home Depot, Rona and Rona will yield better returns for your dollar.

Do not overwet your carpet. Then, for each pass you make with the wet cloth, do two or three passes dry. In other words use your vacuum only to remove the maximum amount of soil-laden moisture from your carpet. You will be able to reduce drying time and avoid the possibility of wetting your floor.

Hire a professional service to clean your carpets. One of the more common methods is steam carpet cleaning. A hose connected to an equipment consisting of a handheld unit and a base is used to connect the system to trucks or portable units. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet, both systems are effective. Start by asking your friends to recommend a professional carpet cleaner.

It is likely that someone close to you can refer someone. The smaller, owner/operator companies are generally a safer choice since the owner is doing the actual job. If they are willing to do the pre-vacuuming for your carpets at no charge, ask them. The fact that they will spend the time necessary to provide a more thorough clean is a great sign. You can also confirm that they will provide a written guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Many professional carpet cleaners also offer the low moisture method in addition to their hot water extraction. The advantage of low moisture cleaning is that the carpet can be dry in one hour and is ready to use. The same amount of water is used for low moisture cleaning, but there’s more agitation. When the carpet is heavily soiled, a hot water extraction and a flushing with warm water may be required. This will then be followed by removing all of the moisture and cleaning with low humidity. It is best to consult a professional to find out the right way to get your carpet back to its former, sparkling state.

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